Sorry Twi-hards, but there's going to be a bit of a delay before you see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn on the big screen. Summit Entertainment has just announced that the final chapter won't hit screens until November 18, 2011. While it's a long wait for fans, it isn't a terrible surprise. The film isn't slated to hit production until later this year, and as much as the studio wants to go arty with the final installment, there is a lot of CGI to consider. And once again, Summit has said nary a word about whether the film will be told in one installment or two, although early reports swore it would be two. [Beware! Spoilers follow!]

It's not a crazy thought -- the book is ridiculously fat and basically merges two stories into one, or if you go by the "books" in the novel, three -- Book One: Bella, Book Two: Jacob, Book Three: Bella. Hundreds of pages, three "books," and rabid fans? A split is a no-brainer taking those factors into account. But what about what actually happens in those sections, and what's actually good for cinema?
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