As someone who has fully supported Gen Art's commitment to independent film and independent filmmakers over the years, it's painful to have to announce that the company has decided to close up shop after struggling for the past 18 months. A corporate partnership didn't pan out like it was supposed to, and, after 16 years of supporting emerging talent in film, fashion and music, Gen Art was forced to shut it all down. It's a major shame, too, because there aren't many companies like this left. Last time I checked, people weren't climbing over each other to support up-and-coming talent, and so Gen Art really helped to not only open up opportunities for artists, but also share those artists with all of us.

I'll especially miss attending their annual New York Film Festival (they also started a Chicago Gen Art Film Festival a few years back), where they hosted seven film premieres over the course of seven nights. A big shout out goes to the two dudes who ran Gen Art's film division, Jeff Abramson and Aaron Levine, since without them (and their crazy freaky passion for independent film), Gen Art certainly wouldn't have gone as far as it did. Those guys are -- to steal a line from Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2 -- totally disco, and I'm sure some other film-related company will snatch them up in a heartbeat.

Thanks for some great years Gen Art! We here at Cinematical will continue to carry your message and support emerging talent in the film world as much as we can, and as often as we can.
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