We know Hunter S. Thompson as the literary wild child, the Gonzo journalist immortalized as Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But it wasn't all high times and wildness. In his later years, he tried to help a young woman wrongfully imprisoned, and The Hollywood Reporter posts that his article on the matter, co-written by Mark Seal for Vanity Fair, has been picked up for the feature treatment.

Published in 2004, "Prisoner of Denver" tells the story of Lisl Auman. She was caught, handcuffed, and placed into a police car after a break-in. While in the car, her accomplice was involved in a shootout with police, resulting in the death of a Denver police officer. The young woman was found guilty of felony murder for her involvement (the man killed himself on the scene) and sentenced to life without parole. In prison, she wrote a letter to Thompson about her love of Fear and Loathing and the writer became a champion for her cause, writing the magazine article and throwing a ton of harsh criticism at Denver police: "It is not in my nature to be polite to people who want to hurt me, or to turn my back on a woman who is being brutally raped right in front of my eyes, especially when the rapists are wearing big guns and Denver Police Department badges." Auman's sentence was overturned in 2005, just a month after Thompson died.

The Motion Picture Corporation of America is currently looking for writers to adapt the article "with a focus on Thompson and Seal as a couple of gonzo Woodward and Bernsteins." We've had Bill Murray and Johnny Depp as Thompson, so who should play Hunter this time around?
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