Do you think that Arizona will realize that they've just f**ked with the wrong Mexican?

Last month, the state decided to crack down on immigration by making it a crime to be in the state illegally. Come August, a new sort of racial profiling will kick off as the police can check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. So, for today's Cinco de Mayo, Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez gave AICN an "illegal" trailer for Machete, made as a special holiday message for the state of Arizona.

The first trailer since Grindhouse hit, there's many shots we remember, but also Robert De Niro as Mr. Politician man, Michelle Rodriguez once again getting tough, Jessica Alba joining the cause, Lindsay Lohan aiming a gun (thought we don't get to hear her speak), Don Johnson griping about Machete, and a showdown between the badass Mexican and Steven Seagal -- with no harem in sight. (Perhaps Machete stole it. He likes the ladies.)

Many have been eager to see what Machete will be like as a feature film. Now that we've had our first, all-too-brief taste -- do you dig it? The film hits theaters this fall.