I already know what you Jakettes are going to say. How could I possibly crush more on Michael Schoeffling as a Depression-era diving horse showman instead of his more famous turn as Sixteen Candles' Jake Ryan, the most perfect senior boy to ever attend high school anywhere, ever, period, end of story? Well, here's what I say to you: of course Jake Ryan is the bees' knees, and quite possibly one of the dreamiest love interests ever to make teenage hearts swoon. But if you're a true fan of model-turned-actor who all but disappeared after his brief seven year acting career, then you hold Michael Schoeffling's last screen credit close to your wild heart because your crush on the man extends beyond his turn as Jake Ryan. And that crush cannot be broken.

In truth, I took the backwards route of getting to know the all-too brief film career of Michael Schoeffling. The first film of his that I saw was also his last: 1991's Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, the live-action Disney joint based on the true story of a girl who rode diving horses in 1920's Atlantic City. A pre-Scent of a WomanGabrielle Anwar starred as Sonora Webster, the film's spunky heroine, who wills her way into Doc Carver's horse diving circus act, becomes their star rider, and loses her eyesight in a horrible diving accident but keeps on trucking. Then again, what scrappy Depression-era diamond in the rough wouldn't get her mojo back with a guy like Michael Schoeffling's Al Carver by her side?
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