I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Michael Bay's Transformers movies, but if you were to ask me what they lacked -- besides a compelling plot, but that would just be snotty of me -- I'd say "Well, I guess you could add some eye candy for the ladies, to cancel out the Megan Fox factor. Shia LaBeouf is all right, but I think you might need one of those A-List, beefcake, McDreamy types. Someone (aside from Josh Duhamel) for the moms, aunts, and non-LaBeouf fans. " Well, someone at Paramount may have felt exactly the same way, because Variety reports that Patrick Dempsey will be joining Transformers 3.

Dempsey revealed the news to Brazilian reporters, and says that he will be playing "a darker character." According to Access Hollywood and Paramount reps, he'll be playing the boss of Mikaela Banes. (I can never remember that character has a real name.) That means most of his scenes will be with Ms. Megan, and the universe might collapse in on itself from the sheer amount of sexy. Pray for us all.

Dempsey is just the latest addition to push the Transformers 3 cast into "Oh my gosh, really?" territory, as John Malkovich and Frances McDormandjoined the cast back in March. Either everyone in Hollywood is a secret fan of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee and this is their last chance to get in on the fun, or the script is like pure Shakespeare. They could also need a big paycheck. But come on, how plausible is that?
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