Over the course of the past few years, Jack Black has become something of a caricature. If you see his name in the credits of a film, you can basically assume he's going to play some sort of loveable loser with a zany outlook on life. Like Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera, he's almost reached the point of being typecast.

And while his crazy guy routine has gotten a little old these days, it's hard not to look back at some of his earlier work with very fond memories. This scene from High Fidelity is one of my favorites not only because Black is at his oddball best in it, but because it also features fine performances from John Cusack and Todd Louiso.

The sequence opens with Cusack's Rob walking to his record shop. As is the case in much of High Fidelity, he's breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the audience directly. He shares a bit about the "fetishistic" qualities of his clientele when it comes to buying their vinyl. Moments later, his employee Dick (Louiso) wanders in. Dick's a soft-spoken record nerd and he offers to make Rob a copy of the new album he scored over the weekend. Rob's clearly not interested – telling him "Yeah, I haven't really absorbed that one yet," when discussing the last tape Dick made for him -- but Dick won't take no for an answer.