We've done tournaments before, but we've never done one like this. To celebrate the 2010 summer movie season (which officially kicks off this weekend when Iron Man 2 hits theaters), we're launching a number of new features beginning tonight with a quest to determine the best summer movie of all time. Throughout the years, some of our most cherished favorites have debuted in theaters over the summer -- from big-budgeted epics to hilarious comedies and everything in between -- but not many people have pitted these movies against each other to see which one would come out victorious.

That's where we come in. Cinematical Stat Magician Erik Childress created a list of 64 movies by combining the biggest box office grossers (based on inflation) since the summer of 1975 with their rankings on IMDb. From that a bracket was created and these first match-ups were decided. Our resident tournament pros, Peter Hall and William Goss, are also back helping out behind the scenes, and we thank them for that. You'll be able to view the entire bracket next week.

Cinematical's Best Summer Movie of All Time Tournament will run here once a week every Wednesday night through the opening of Christopher Nolan's Inception this July, when, based on your votes, we'll be able to crown one movie king of the summer moviegoing season. Which film do you think will win? Help us decide by voting in our first round of polls below ...

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