I'm automatically wary of any horror film featuring the word "twilight" in its title thanks to a certain vampire franchise, but I'm also automatically intrigued by any horror film emanating from Italy. Because of this, Demon's Twilight presents quite the conundrum for me. In the end, my love of all things Italian horror is going to win out.

Bloody-Disgusting shared the trailer for Federico Lagna's Demon's Twilight -- and while it doesn't have subtitles, I still like what I see. The clip features some of the elements that fans love when it comes to Italy's horror output, including some lovely visuals and a prowling camera that feels almost like a character in its own right.

Of course, visuals and camera movements aren't enough to make a great film. Luckily, the story of Demon's Twilight sounds intriguing -- and reminds me a bit of Clive Barker's Dread too.

The description on the trailer describes Demon's Twilight as a film about a group of college students in Turin, Italy, who decide to make a documentary about the psychological causes that can lead to demonic possession. Apparently unable to find a demonically possessed individual, they enlist a young woman who seems to fit their profile perfectly. I'm guessing this turns out to be a really bad idea.

Jump past the break and have a gander at the trailer. I'm not sure how any of this new wave of Italian horror films will ultimately turn out, but I'm definitely pleased that Italy appears to be interested in once again becoming a player in the international horror cinema scene.
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