I think Die Hard 5 was kicking around right around the time of John McClane's censored Yippie-Ki-Yay, but it became "official" when Bruce Willis began talking it up on the Cop Out junket. If you thought "Oh well, that's just Willis trying to stir up goodwill after Cop Out!", think again. According to THR's Risky Business, Fox may have a writer in Skip Woods.

Woods is a popular fellow at Fox. He penned Hitman, Swordfish, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming The A-Team. There's no word as to what plot Woods may be penning, but I think we can hazard a guess that it will feature far more ludicrous action than any Die Hard film before it. I mean, The A-Team has Faceman in an airbourne tank. Wolverine leapt onto a helicopter and tore it apart. Swordfish featured a bus carried by a S-64 Aircrane. (I sense a theme here.) McClane's "I shall shoot that helicopter with a car!" has nothing on those. The ante has been raised. How will Woods combine aircraft and McClane in Die Hard 5? I don't know. How will you contain your anticipation?

There's no start date yet, but if I know Fox like I think I do, this will be before cameras with unseemly haste. I believe there may be a prophecy ruling that the Planet Hollywood crew has to have five iconic installments each before 2012 in order to prevent the apocalypse. That's why you'll see another Terminator announced before summer's end. Schwarzenegger is still short by one. (That's counting Terminator Salvation.)
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