I might not be an expert when it comes to superheroes, but now that they have invaded the box-office I have been getting an education. Now even though I'm not a superhero expert, I do consider myself one when it comes to handsome men. I've been noticing that our Big-Screen Heroes are getting awfully....well for lack of a better word, hot, and that has certainly caught this red-blooded gal's attention. Iron Man 2 opens this week, and in the latest installment, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has two pretty ladies fighting for his attention in the form of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark's long-time assistant and true love, Pepper Potts. So while most of the focus of Iron Man 2 is (rightfully) on the action and not Stark's romantic life, it did get me thinking about the fact that as dashing and sexy as these guys may be, dating them probably wouldn't be as much fun as you would think.

In the grand tradition of superheroes both on the page and on the screen, there has always been a little romance (and plenty of Mary Sues). Sure, most of the time our superhero's better half isn't much more than a plot point for a rescue mission, but I like to imagine how a regular gal could navigate these romantic waters, and that's why today's Cinematical Seven is all about the pros and cons of dating superheroes.

After the jump; dating advice for the hero set...
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