When I first heard that Warner Bros. was considering an Arthur remake, I first thought some typically derisive thoughts. "Oh, that's dumb," I internally opined. "Dudley Moore so nailed that character it's not even funny." But then I corrected myself, because Dudley Moore was absolutely drop-dead funny in that flick. And even though I loved the film way back in 1980 ... I always had a problem with the leading lady. Liza Minnelli, multi-talented though she may be, never really struck me as, well, pretty. Sorry, Liza.

But fresh word from Deadline.com indicates that the leading lady in the remake will be not only adorable, but quite the cool actress as well. If "talks" go accordingly, then it will be Greta Gerwig starring alongside Russell Brand in a comedy about a drunken millionaire and the "plain" girl he falls in love with. Helen Mirren is also on board (in the John Houseman John Gielgud role?) for first-time feature director Jason Winer. Peter Baynham (Bruno) will be adapting the 1981 semi-classic, which was written and directed by the late Steve Gordon.

But enough of that stuff. Greta's involvement is the new story here, and it couldn't happen to a cooler actress. Indie fans and festival attendees know the gal from films like LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs, Nights and Weekends, Baghead, and The House of the Devil -- plus she's also been getting some attention from her turn in Noah Baumbach's Greenberg. It's a strange pairing to be sure, but Russell Brand has stolen numerous scenes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bedtime Stories, and I think my affection for Ms. Gerwig is plainly evident ... all of a sudden this Arthur remake doesn't sound like such a rotten idea.

No offense, Dudley. You're still hilarious.
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