SNL lead Kristen Wiig isn't waiting for the big-screen features to find her. She's going out and making her own path. In February, we learned that she was developing a wedding-themed comedy about friends competing for the right to plan their friend's big day. Now Deadline reports that she's using her own money to option Monica Drake's novel Clown Girl as a starring vehicle for herself.

Have no fear -- this isn't a bubbly tale of laughs. Drake's novel is the dark and offbeat tale of Nita, who lives much of her life as Sniffles the Clown, and how everything falls apart. Her man used her to get to pay for clown college, her dog goes missing, greedy children prey on her, and her corporate clown gigs start moving towards sex. "As a result, she struggles to live and tries to resist the potentially lucrative prostitution trade involving clown fetishists."

While it's never good to place assumptions on any actor or actress (that just directs you to disappointment), Wiig is clearly mapping her own path to and on the big screen, one that just might make her the face of female comedy. Tina Fey has done a lot in that respect, but for the most part she sticks awfully close to her smart, awkward-girl comfort zone. Wiig, on the other hand, is basically slingshotting out of SNL in every direction. There's the goofy and stupid like MacGruber, animated family fun like How to Train Your Dragon, the murder mystery of All Good Things, straight-up romcom with her untitled wedding comedy, sci-fi laughs with Paul, and now a dark clown flick she's using her own money to kick off.

Considering her ever-increasing range, is there a genre or role that you'd like to see her take on?
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