Starring three of the most notable female actors working today in Hollywood, Rodrigo Garcia'Mother and Child' paints a layered, multi-character portrait about the unique, innate bond between mother and child.

The film strings together three different stories that include an older woman, Karen (Annette Bening), who regrets giving up her newborn in her teens, and Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), a cutthroat yet lonely lawyer who was adopted in her youth and still hurts from not knowing her real parents. Kerry Washington plays the third lead in this weepy drama, as an infertile mother striving to adopt a baby. The film eventually becomes an emotional study about the ramifications of giving up a child for adoption.

The male co-stars are Jimmy Smits, Samuel L. Jackson and David Ramsey.

As the showrunner of the critically acclaimed first season of 'In Treatment,' writer-director Garcia has had much success with the critics in TV. Likewise, the critical reception is largely positive for this cinematic effort, with many critics highlighting the film's keen insight into womanhood and the powerful, nuanced performances as its main strengths.

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