blythe danner and gwyneth paltrowThere's something intriguing about parent-child actors appearing together on screen. Aside from noting similarities in looks and acting styles, we might wonder about their working dynamic -- Difficult? Affectionate? Both? -- and if their roles reflect real life in any way. (The latter's not very likely given some of the movies mentioned below, i.e. 'Wild at Heart.')

Some acting offspring made their film debuts at a very early age, like the cherubic, 18-month-old Liza Minnelli who appeared uncredited at the end of 'In the Good Old Summertime,' playing the daughter of Judy Garland's character. In other instances, the kids were well along in their careers before appearing with their moms in a movie. Undoubtedly some wanted to establish their own acting credentials before working with a famous parent.

In honor of Mother's Day, we bring you a list of real-life mothers and children who have played mother and child on film, plus one notable example of mother-child playing grandmother-child. (We could do a whole other list of movies in which offspring play their parents' characters at a younger age; maybe next year.)
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