Maybe Rob Zombie's stories are better suited for the comic book racks than the silver screen? At least there he's telling original stories, not scuzzy redneck riffs on a beloved franchise like Halloween. His newest offering is Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock?, an eight-issue mini-series coming from Image Comics later this month. Zombie will be joined by rookie artist Donny Hadiwidjaja, who won the gig through a contest on Deviant Art.

Story details are scarce, but the set-up is intriguing. Where does a former television horror host, who's accustomed to living a rock lifestyle, go after there's no place in today's world for TV horror hosts? The cover promises "sex - drugs - monsters", which is pretty much what you'd expect from Rob Zombie, but the premise almost sounds like a drama. Zombie even admitted to Newsarama that Baron Von Shock is based on a real person, a horror host whose career went up in flames like an E! Hollywood Story.

So, could the writer/director/musician be challenging himself by creating a true-to-life, emotional roller coaster that explores themes of regret and loss? Probably not, judging by all the gratuitous T and A on the garish cover.
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