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The Roller Blade Seven
(1991) is an oddball movie with an interesting cast (including Don Stroud, Karen Black, William Smith, Frank Stallone, and Joe Estevez) and an even more interesting backstory. Co-writers/directors Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw refer to this movie as being the first to use their self-created style of "Zen Filmmaking," which essentially means that the duo shot the film without using a script.

If you want to know more about this innovative approach to filmmaking, feel free to purchase Shaw's 230+ page book Zen Filmmaking. Here's the product description from Amazon:

Developed by Scott Shaw, the primary premise of Zen Filmmaking is that no screenplay should be used in the creation of a film. There are no rules and no definitions. The spontaneous creative energy of the filmmaker is the only defining factor. This allows for a spiritually pure source of immediate inspiration to be the only guide in the filmmaking process. Within the pages of this book, Scott Shaw leads the reader through all of the elements of Zen Filmmaking -- allowing one to emerge as a competent independent filmmaker, possessing all of the necessary skills to create a feature film, documentary, or music video in the easiest and most expedient manner possible. This book also takes the reader behind-the-scenes on several of Scott Shaw's feature films. This provides a unique insight into the filmmaking process while illustrating how to bypass many of the obstacles of filmmaking.

Sounds interesting. For more information on the legacy of The Roller Blade Seven, check out Shaw's website, where he talks about the film's official sequel (Return of the Roller Blade Seven), the unauthorized second sequel that "ultimately destroyed [Jackson's and Shaw's] creative vision (Legend of the Roller Blade Seven), two official reworked versions of the first two films (Hawk Warrior Of The Wheelzone and Re-Return of the Roller Blade Seven), a two-hour documentary about the making of The Roller Blade Seven (Interview), and the unmade finale to the official Roller Blade Seven Trilogy (Wheelzone Rangers).


If you're still with me, click through for a look at the film's UK box art and a link to the film's trailer.
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