Deadline's Michael Fleming is reporting that director Bryan Bertino will be following up his debut on The Strangers (he wrote a script for The Strangers 2, but will not direct it) with the This Man, a film with a fascinating, potential-packed premise behind it. According to Fleming, the film is an adaptation of a web site Ghost House Pictures acquired from an Italian sociologist who, supposedly, created it as a global connection portal for people who claimed to have all seen the face of the man (pictured in the top right) in their dreams. The film, however, won't just be a chronicle of this sociologist's "discoveries", but about the man who has no idea that people the world over are seeing him in their nightmares.

The reason I sound doubtful as to the history of the project is because I don't think it's quite so fact-based as Fleming presents it to be. has a handy breakdown of when posts about This Man started to appear on the Internet as well as who registered Their registrant is the same "Italian sociologist" Fleming mentions, Andrea Natella. Granted he may actually be a sociologist, but Jawbone also pinned Natella as the director of an Italian guerrilla marketing company.
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