Chun Li this ain't. Fed up with the shabby video game movies Hollywood has turned out in the past few years -- okay, in pretty much forever -- British actor and martial artist Joey Ansah (Desh from The Bourne Ultimatum) conceived, choreographed, co-wrote, and co-directed a faithful live-action adaptation of the Capcom fighting game Street Fighter featuring top-notch fight action, crisp production values, and yes, those ridiculous Street Fighter eyebrows. Hit Down, Down + Click to watch! (By which I mean scroll down for more.)

Filmed in HD, Street Fighter: Legacy stars Jon Foo as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken, who meet in a wooded clearing as Ryu is shaking off memories of a recent run in with Akuma (portrayed in a cameo by Ansah). Fans of the Street Fighter games will recognize a ton of signature moves, positions, grunts, and details, including Ryu's hadouken and hurricane kick and Ken's fire-fisted shoryuken. Action cinephiles should enjoy the fact that Ansah and co-director Owen Trevor have packed their film with gorgeous visuals and dramatic fight choreography, making this three-minute piece instantly more watchable and more faithful than both Steven de Souza's 1994 live-action Street Fighter feature and Andrzej Bartkowiak's Legend of Chun Li.