Ah, the Internet. It's been changing the way people stay in touch, do research, obtain heretofore unfathomed depths of depravity, and announce that they're pregnant since day one. In fact, a few days ago my wife and I announced that our first baby is on the way and while most people seemed to share in our joy, one very good friend was quick to point out that I had, in all actuality, "failed" because I didn't "do it" as good as the couple who created the burgeoning YouTube hit A Small Announcement - as Told Through Science Fiction.

And you know what? He was right. I did fail. I was merely content with making calls, sending emails, and even Tweeting about it. That's not nearly geeky enough for a nerd like me. So now when baby number two comes along at some point in the future, I know I'm going to have to top the Star Wars pregnancy announcement. Sadly, given how awesome this re-edit of the attack on the Death Star is, I'm not sure that is even possible. Check it out below. And congratulations to creators Jennifer and Jeff, wherever you may be!
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