Last weekend, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise hit the stage to take part in the "A Fine Romance" benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund. Taking a cue from Damn Yankees (the 1955 movie, not the Nuge band unfortunately, as apt as it would be to see her belting out "High Enough"), Holmes sung "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" to Cruise on stage.

Wrapped in a slinky black dress, Holmes sashays about, taunting and pushing hubby Cruise around as he reacts in his usual big-smile-guffaw way. The performance comes off flat, heavily planned, and not the least bit charismatic or romantic. Jezebel felt similarly, describing it as not feeling "right. Highly awkward, even." (Holmes had more chemistry singing with Chad Michael Murray as a kid.) Considering the subject matter of the song, one can't help but wonder if this was nothing more than a PR move to speak out against the unending stream of tabloid stories about Katie being held against her will. See? She's free! In fact, whatever she wants, she gets! Tom's the toy!

It's too bad they didn't do a little gender twist and have Tom singing the song. Whether the reports are true, partially based in truth, or just plain false, that would've been something to see. Hit the jump to see the number for yourself.