It may be too soon to label the film a "mockumentary," but for over a year we've expected Casey Affleck's Joaquin Phoenix documentary to be part of a hoax. All we've known is that it's about Phoenix's retirement from acting to pursue a rap career, which was suspiciously ridiculous to begin with, and that rumors and odd talk show appearances have only increased everyone's belief that the life change and the documentary are together just a big joke. One that won't actually be funny by the time it's finally confirmed to be such. Fortunately, we could get an answer very soon, as the film is apparently finished and looking for a distributor. Deadline reports that talent agency WME recently screened the untitled work for potential buyers, including Harvey Weinstein.

Those who've seen the thing are obviously sworn to secrecy, but you know how the business works. We'll get a leak on what the film entails soon enough. Though at first one site will "learn" and reveal wrong info and then another site will divulge different information gained from their own anonymous sources. Then, whichever distributor has acquired the film will deny everything. Meaning we could hypothetically still be completely unsure of anything until this hits theaters and everyone is talking about it. Of course, there's also a very good chance you won't care one way or another. I'm a bit curious, but unless there's something extra special about the film outside of whether it's real or fake, I may just seek the simple truth and avoid the actual documentary.
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