The advertising campaign for Christopher Nolan's Inceptionhas been running pretty hot for a few months now, somehow managing to worm itself into public consciousness with a trailer that emphasizes trippy imagery and some really wild sound design rather than little things like plot or character. Of course, this seems to be Nolan's grand plan: actually deliver a film that will surprise audiences for once.

This new poster continues that trend, showcasing the film's ensemble cast and placing them in a strange landscape without even hinting at who these people are or why they've all suddenly decided to defy gravity. Although this is technically just another "photoshop promotional images onto a background torn straight from the trailer" poster, it's infinitely more creative and interesting than the "let's mimic the Dark Knight campaign" poster and the "let's forget proportions exist" poster.

Head on over to Yahoo for the epically huge version of the poster. Look for a new trailer to arrive real soon.
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