I'm not one to freak out over production stills from movie, but ever since an interview with Matt Reeves convinced me that he was the best candidate to remake Let the Right One In I've been thirsty to see even the slightest glimpse of what Let Me In will look like. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly (via /Film), we have our first image from the film. And instead of it being a far-off shut afraid to tell us anything, it's a close-up of Chloe Moretz as the young (but not really) vampire girl, Abby.

My immediate reaction is...she just doesn't have the old soul presence original actress Lina Leandersson brought to the role. Inversely, however I do think she has a more mischievous, hungry look of curiosity that could bode well for the character. I, like everyone else, do not want particularly want a remake of Let the Right One In, but seeing as we have no say in the matter, I'd at least like to see a version that isn't just mirror-world version of the Swedish film.

What do you think?
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