I realize that our little weekly shindig is called the Horror Squad Movie Club, but this week I'm going to cheat a little bit and pick something that's about half way between an actual movie and a TV show: Incident On And Off a Mount Road, Don Coscarelli's season one episode of Masters of Horror about what happens to a damsel in distress when she falls into the trap of an inbred hillbilly named Moonface along an isolated stretch of road. Why am I cheating a little bit? Well, for a few reasons, actually.

The first is because I'm a big fan of Coscarelli's work regardless of the format. The second is I'm also quite a fan of Joe R. Lansdale (though I'm woefully under-read as far as his body of work goes) and the original short story of the same name. The third reason is that I just love the cast and the energy they bring to screen. And finally, I think Incident may just be the most enjoyable hour of either season of Masters of Horror (I'll need to re-watch John Landis' Family to be sure).

If you live in the U.S. and have Netflix, then the quickest way to watch Incident On and Off a Mountain Road is via Watch Instantly. If you are without Netflix, however, it should still be an easy disc to find at a decent rental store or in a bargain bin at your local retailer. So give it a watch at some point in the next three days and then come back here on Monday to talk about the story, the adaptation, and the cast.
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