You've heard of The Secret, right? It spread like wildfire a few years ago thanks to Oprah, as hordes of hopefuls jumped on the bandwagon of positive thinking to manifest their deepest desires. But simple acts of positivity aren't the only way some strive to bring good into their lives. For Baba Dez, it's Sex Magic: "the ritual of channeling thought, emotions, and physical energy during lovemaking as a prayer to manifest your dreams and desires." In other words, getting laid to get what you want.

Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya
delves into the romantic turmoil of Dez, a sacred sexual healer who meets the woman of his dreams, Maya. The pair practice sexual healing and therapy in Sedona until she can no longer take his polyamorous ways. His long list of lovers ranks well past a thousand, and having reached her limit, she decides to leave Dez for another man. Devastated, he tries to get her back through Sex Magic; in essence, trying to get her back by doing the precise thing that drove her away.
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