As the guy who directed a little-seen (but terrific) romantic comedy, starred or co-starred in not one but two David Lynch projects, and enjoyed a recurring stint on shows like Six Feet Under and The District, Justin Theroux might not be the first person fans might think of to write a sequel to Iron Man, one of 2008's most successful movies. But Theroux is the guy who with Etan Cohen co-wrote Tropic Thunder, and collaborated closely with one of its stars, Robert Downey Jr., to cement the actor's meteoric comeback. That he only further confirms Downey's command of the screen in Iron Man 2 speaks both to the effectiveness of their partnership and Theroux's ability to juggle character details in a movie that could otherwise be, well, a comic book.

Cinematical recently sat down with Theroux at the Los Angeles press junket for Iron Man 2 for a chat about the film. In addition to delving into his ongoing collaboration with Downey, Theroux dished a few secrets about the film's story, and suggested a few directions future installments might go if he was given the green light to writeIron Man 3.