Well, if the world didn't know what Super 8was before today, they will know by the time the weekend is out. Not only is the first teaser trailer for the newly-announced J.J. Abrams flick Super 8 attached to Iron Man 2, but Paramount has already gone ahead and opened up the film's official website for business, as well as launched a viral campaign that's so totally retro (and ridiculously mind-bending) that it will in all likelihood put the Cloverfield viral campaign to shame when it's all said and done.

Though the trailer is technically available online in bootleg form, we'd rather wait till the studio puts out an official version instead of supporting movie theater piracy. So, in the meantime, you can check out the bare-bones website over here, and find out a lot more about the viral campaign from the folks over at Super 8 News, who I imagine will make it their life's work to follow every inch of this thing through till the very end.

From the looks of it -- and if the viral experts are correct -- we could see more of Super 8 around the 15th of May, according to a counter located on the website Scariest Thing We Ever Saw, which itself takes the form of an old school PDP-11 computer. Aside from the line "scariest thing we ever saw," other clues include the name D. Morris and the date February, 1977. Looks like we've got a good old viral chase ahead of us, folks, and though production apparently doesn't begin on the film until the fall, that's not stopping Abrams and his cronies (which include producer Steven Spielberg) from playing around with the mythology of the movie well in advance.

So has Super 8 officially piqued your interest, or are you still a little weary?
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