For those who never got a chance to check out the comedy Mystery Team when it crisscrossed the country during a recent fun-filled (they gave out prizes!) theatrical tour, the film -- which first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews from folks like us -- will finally arrive on DVD this May 25th. In celebration of the upcoming DVD, our friends over at Moviefone recently premiered a clip from the movie featuring Community star Donald Glover which you can scope out after the jump. We also contacted Mystery Team director Dan Eckman and asked him to talk a little about the DVD and offer up some of his favorite parts.

Says Eckman, "We've got a bunch of really fun stuff for the DVD. I think my favorite thing is a test footage sequence that I shot during preproduction on my camcorder with the Derrick boys and Meggie playing every role line for line and shot for shot as it would eventually appear in the final movie. Also we've got a new comedic short called "Who is Wally Cummings?" about a guy who came and bothered us on the set. It's kinda new for us stylistically because we all play ourselves (except Donald) and it's super improvised and f*ckaroundy and Donald is trying to get everyone to break and laugh. It's the kind of piece that we wouldn't normally do, but at the same time it is absolutely our usual humor- dark and f**ked up. There's also a commentary, a making of featurette, and a bunch of deleted jokes."

The boys from Derrick Comedy care an awful lot about this little film (they've been working their asses off for two years to promote it), and I guarantee they've packed that DVD full of stuff that's well worth your time. May 25th. Mystery Team. Buy it for someone you love who won't steal it and sell it to your enemy for extra Simpsons stamps.