By Scott Weinberg (reprinted from 1/25/10 -- Sundance Film Festival)

At first I thought I was the wrong person to cover this film. You can deride me for keeping my head buried in the sand on some issues, but I wouldn't know a Jack Abramoff from a Beef Stroganoff. Prior to sitting down with Alex Gibney's colorfully-titled documentaryCasino Jack and the United States of Money, all I knew of Abramoff was A) he was once a powerful Republican politician who B) stole a ton of money from a wide variety of people and C) got sent off to jail for his nefarious activities.

Maybe it's because finance and politics bore me like nobody's business, or perhaps it's just that I like movies a little bit more than I do the daily newspaper -- but hey, it's a good thing there are filmmakers like Alex Gibney out there. Because after sitting through the long-but-fascinating Casino Jack, I feel like marching on something! How dare these bastards rape and exploit and ... yeah, my outrage is a few years late, I know. But at least we have a solid new flick that will stand for the record.