Note: If you haven't seem Zombieland and don't know much about it, then keep in mind that this post will spoil what is perhaps the film's greatest scene. Read on at your own risk ...

It's hard to surprise people these days with a good cameo. Either cameos are expected because they're part of the marketing campaign (Mike Tyson in The Hangover), or there's just not much to them other than, "Oh, look, that was pretty random". That's why I was so impressed by the Bill Murray cameo in Zombieland. I had heard whispers about the Murray cameo in advance, and I assumed it was some short, weird bit that pops up with no warning and very little meaning -- but instead we got what was one of the great cameos of all time; a full-on five-or-so minutes of vintage, quirky Bill Murray, as himself, in the middle of a mansion with two people who do exactly what you and I would do in that same situation.

The scene also plays perfectly into the film itself, which is silly and stylistic, and just gory enough to make you feel like you've accomplished something. Our heroes hole up in what they think is the unoccupied mansion of Bill Murray, only to find the guy still alive, smokin' pot and re-enacting scenes from Ghostbusters while covered in a zombie make-up disguise. The end of the scene is pretty brilliant, but what completes it is a reaction from Emma Stone that's just creepy, hilarious and so true.

Watch it after the jump.