I know most people are not going to be inclined to agree with me, but in a lot of ways I do prefer Cube 2: Hypercube to Vincenzo Natali's original Cube, which is why it's my pick for this week's Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club (plus, it's available on Netflix Watch Instantly) Now before I hear the cries of "You're the idiot who likes Syfy channel movies!", let me explain. I think a lot of people have dismissed this sequel because A) Natali's film has a pretty resilient fan base and B) it was an unnecessary straight-to-video sequel that also premiered on the channel most sci-fi fans love to hate. In doing so, however, they're missing out on all the great things Cube 2 has to offer.

First and foremost are the talents of Andrezej Sekula. He may have only a few directorial projects under his belt, but the man is an excellent cinematographer -- in addition to taking on those duties here, he also shot Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, Hackers, and the immaculate American Psycho. As a result, Cube 2 has a lot of very inventive and dynamic camera work; an even more impressive feat when you consider all Sekula had to work with in most shots were white walls. And not only is it a better film on a technical level, I also think the script brings to the table a lot of very interesting ideas while still sticking close to the spirit of the first film (yet it doesn't require one to have seen the first film to understand the mystery here).

Basically, Cube 2: Hypercube fell prey to people's dismissive scorn simply because it's a movie that people were never dying to see made in the first place. That's also kind of what makes me dig the movie even more, though. Sure, it didn't need to be made, but you could never tell that judging from the final project. Cast and crew alike put in all the effort they could to make a film that stands on its own and I think they did a great job. Hopefully this Movie Club (and the subsequent discussion on Monday) brings out a few more people who agree with me.
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