I've posted a lot of fun VHS Cover Art entries this week, but today's Greek VHS Cover Art for Bruno Mattei's Robowar (1988) (courtesy of CAS Cine Video) is my favorite.

I'll be honest: I knew nothing about this movie before today. It's one of those films that has somehow never been on my radar. Looks like I've been missing out. Based on the painted box art, the movie seems to feature some generic Military Guys waging war in the jungle against a Predator/Robocop/Schwarzenegger hybrid. And after viewing the trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if Robowar ends up being among my favorite Mattei films once I get my hands on a copy. So many explosions!

Click through for the full box art and the trailer, which - among other things - features a guy named Wang prepping to punch a snake in the face(!) before he gets distracted by an approaching chopper.
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