Recently we shared a look at real-life costumed heroes, relative to the premise of Kick-Ass. At the time, I recalled Stan Lee's old competitive reality series Who Want's to be a Superhero?On the show, contestants like Feedback and The Defuser (who won their respective seasons) were just normal, non-super-powered folk who could design a fancy outfit and attempt to display the characteristics of a hero deserving of his own Dark Horse comic book. Lee also developed a British version for kid superheroes. Now the legendary creator of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and many other Marvel characters is onto his next reality series idea, this one involving real-life X-Men.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee will co-host a program called Stan Lee's Superhumans for the History Channel. A sort of inverse to his previous idea, this show will feature "genetically different" people, not necessarily who'd like to or could use their anomalies for fighting crime or villains bent on exterminating either mutants or regular folk. I doubt there will be any hot guys with retractable claws or women who can control the weather, but Lee's hosting partner sounds like a real-life Mr. Fantastic (who isn't a mutant) -- his name is Daniel Browning Smith and apparently he's the world's most flexible man.

I wonder what kinds of "remarkable abilities" we'll see. Psychic powers (like Nina Kulagina)? Super strength (like the muscular toddler in this news story)? People who are extra-kindhearted and therefore have extra strength and willpower (umm, see here). I also wonder if they'll be appealing enough to carry the program. Maybe Lee can grab one of the many X-Men movie series stars for each episode, preferably an actor or actress whose character's power relates to a real-life counterpart?
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