Brothers Sean and Jonathan Lewis, the demented duo behind the cult hit Black Devil Doll, are back with their next "fiasco" -- the awesome sounding Bottomfeeder.

Rather than return to blaxploitation-era puppetry, the siblings have set their sights on a new subgenre -- the classic "rape monster" films of years past. This makes me immediately think of titles like Kazuo Komizu's Entrails of a Virgin, and if Sean and Jonathan can pull of a film like that I'm going to be very happy.

Featuring a script by Masters of Horror writer Stephen Romano and a leading performance from Joe Pilato -- better known as Capt. Rhodes from Romero's Day of the Dead -- the project looks to be off to an auspicious start.

Pilato will play Detective Joe Angell, a bad cop who thought he'd seen everything until he catches a case involving a mutated man/fish who's wandered out of the toxic sludge in a California river and is on the prowl for nubile young women (I love this already...). That's just one of the detective's problems though, as Angell -- who's being billed "as a character soon to be remembered in infamy as one of the most outrageous anti-heroes in horror history" -- is having bizarre visions that lead him deeper into the case.

With a tagline boasting "Where Humanoids from the Deep and Bad Lieutenant left off . . . the sick, twisted nightmare of Bottomfeeder begins. And no one is safe." it looks like Bottomfeeder is set to appeal to fans who like their cinema violent and sleazy -- which means it's right up my alley.

Look for more on Bottomfeeder here at Horror Squad in the weeks ahead.

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