There's a lot of concerned murmuring that Captain America may have far too many allies -- romantic, foreign, young, and Howling -- for his own good. But he's going to need them. Not only does he have to contend with the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving has been confirmed), but now he has to worry about Toby Jones. According to THR's Heat Vision, Jones is joining Captain America as the nefarious scientist Arnim Zola.

I know what you're thinking -- evil scientists are so corny. (You might change your mind if you have the stomach for The Human Centipede.) But Arnim Zola is a pretty nasty foe. A biochemist who really hit his stride during World War II, Zola was embraced by the Nazi Party because of his skills in breeding "better" humans. The fact that he had access to technology and genetic material from superhuman offshoots known as the Deviants helped pad out the resume. Zola created all kinds of fun toys and monsters for Adolf Hitler -- including a machine that could imprint brain waves -- and used them all to ensure he lived longer than the Third Reich. Sure, it was in a robot body, but at least he doesn't look like his fellow Nazi, the Red Skull.

It's not clear whether Jones is one of those nine film contracts, but Zola would be a handy villain to keep around to pester The Avengers when they finally assemble in 2012. He pops up in the Marvel comics fairly often. Who doesn't want to see Cap, Thor, or Iron Man battle a few Proto-Husks?
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