A couple weeks ago I began to work through my ever-growing To Read pile and the title at the top of the stack was William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. I hadn't read a Gibson novel in quite some time and I instantly fell back in love with the man's ability to envelope a reader in a world, be it the realistic, jet-lagged world of cool hunters in Pattern Recognition or the futuristic, cyberspace landscapes of Neuromancer. As soon as I finished reading the former I hit the web in search for news on where the film version of the latter started. At that point it was still assumed that music video director Joesph Khan was set to direct a Neuromancer film starring Hayden Christensen. I cringed a little.

Things have apparently changed, however. Fangoria is reporting that director Vincenzo Natali (whose latest film, Splice, is only a few weeks away from opening nationwide in the States) has been hired to replace Kahn not only as director but also as the screenwriter. Suddenly I am very interested in the project again; funny how that can happen when you replace the guy who directed the music video for Britney Spear's Toxic with the guy who directed Cube.

The reason for the question mark in the slug above, however, is because as of right now The Hollywood Reporter article that Fango links to is incredibly light on the details. But with Natali now making the interview rounds to promote Splice, I've no doubt that more news about his attachment to the project will emerge in the coming weeks.
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