Remember Jessica's Scenes We Hate about Pretty in Pink last year? She wrote about how irksome it was that Andie ended up with Blane, and how it was all because terrible test screenings forced John Hughes to trash the original ending and match Andie with the popular boy. Those first test-screening subjects were probably pleased as pie with the theatrical ending that hit theaters, but it left many fans in many states of anger -- something only slightly rectified when Keith ends up with Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful.

As Tampa Bay's Stuck in the '80s reports, a number of Hughes' original scripts have made their way online at Scriptcollector, including the original ending for Duckie and Andie. If you recall, the original had Andie and Blane mooning over each other until Blane's lack of backbone sucked him back into Steff's vortex of jerkery. When Blane ditched Andie pre-prom, she went by herself in that terrible pink dress. Duckie greets her there, and they walk into the prom hand in hand. But then Blane finds some guts, tells Steff off, professes his love, and leaves. Duckie, who desperately loves Andie, pushes the girl to go after her rich crush. She does, and the pair kiss in the parking lot.
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