Iron Man 2'Iron Man 2' didn't break any records, but its estimated $133.6 million debut gave it an easy box office victory for the first weekend of the summer season, setting a benchmark for 2010 so far and a goal for the rest of this summer's blockbusters to try and match.

Going into the weekend, there had been much speculation as to whether 'Iron Man 2,' opening on a record 4,380 screens, could beat the opening weekend record of $158.2 million set by 'The Dark Knight' in 2008. As we predicted, it did not (it's fifth on the all-time biggest opening weekends list), but it did score the biggest opening weekend of the year to date, and it did so without the benefit of a 3-D surcharge (though it did grab an IMAX surcharge on 182 screens). It certainly outdistanced the $102.1 million earned by the first 'Iron Man' on this same weekend two summers ago.