Walt Disney's 'Bambi'

Time to get sentimental. Were you lucky enough to have one (or both) of your parents nurture your love of movies? More than anyone else in my life, my mother encouraged and inspired my great appreciation of movies.

Most weekday afternoons, I'd walk home from school and find her ironing clothes, cooking dinner, or caring for other household duties, but always with a movie playing on the television in the family room. She'd already worked outside the home, part-time, and I'm sure doing the domestic routines after that were tiring, yet she always asked about my school day, and my homework, and then we'd watch whatever the rest of the movie that was squeezed into the 90-minute time slot allotted for it on TV. (I never realized how severely some of those movies were "edited for television" until years later.) She'd share stories about watching movies when she was a young girl, and why she liked certain movie stars but not others. She'd grown up in Arizona and especially liked Westerns, but she enjoyed pretty much any kind of movie, no matter the genre, as long as it had a "good" story. (She wasn't too big on criminals.)

Later, when I'd wait long hours in line to see Star Wars or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, she'd relate how she waited in line for three or four hours to watch the road show of Gone With the Wind. When I was short of cash to see something I really, really wanted to see, be it Damnation Alley or Logan's Run, she'd slip me a few bucks.
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