Evil geniuses with gigantic, misshapen heads abound in comic book universes. Bodies are useless when you have all the knowledge of every dimension, and it's a good "Up yours!" gesture when you can use that head to outsmart those foes who possess incredible pecs, strong chins, and an 8-pack of abdominal muscles.

One of the most famous giant-head villains is Dr. Hector Hammond of The Green Lantern. Hammond became exposed to a meteor that increased his intelligence to a superhuman level. Sure, it took its toll cosmetically, but no one ever became a wealthy supervillain by looking good. As you may remember, Peter Sarsgaard was cast as Hammond back in January. How they would render that giant head was a mystery. Motion capture? Or just plain created-from-scratch CGI?

Well, now you know. Photos of Sarsgaard as Hammond have popped up on SkyShowbiz, and it looks like they went the old fashioned route. Hammond's exposure has left him more realistically deformed, which may upset purists, but will probably lead to a better performance from Sarsgaard. Who knows? This may even be mid-transformation, and he'll be some full-blown monstrosity by movie's end. In a film where they are CG'ing Ryan Reynolds' suit, I have a hard time believing they'll stick with latex for the villain.

What do you think, Lantern fans? Too much of The Elephant Man and not enough of the comic book craziness? Or are they taking the right page out of Christopher Nolan's real world book?

[via Ain't It Cool News]
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