Hardcore fans of comic books and pulp novels will no doubt know the name Frank Frazetta, but even if you don't instantly recognize the artist's name, you may certainly recognize his work. Frazetta's early career found him working on a number of popular comic strips, such as Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Creepy, but perhaps his lasting legacy will be his contributions to the paperback book world.

Thanks to his covers for Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, muscular warriors battling huge beasts and barely-dressed women in peril would forever be associated with adventure books (oddly enough, Frazetta's illustrations were rarely based on content from the actual books, rather he simply liked the really rugged look and went with it). He also didn't confine himself simply to the fantasy and sci-fi realms, as Frazetta also illustrated the What's New Pussycat? movie poster, as well as the famous Mad Magazine Ringo Starr parody.

Frazetta succumbed to a stroke at the age of 82. You can find an extensive gallery of his work at FrankFrazetta.org.
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