Star Wars Weekends, Disney's annual early summer celebration of all things from a "galaxy far, far away" might be the greatest merger idea to come along since the Reese's people figured out chocolate and peanut butter would be pretty awesome together. You get the magic of the Disney theme park experience, plus the thrill of experiencing Lucas' epic sci-fi series up close and personal. What's not to love?

If you're looking to apply for work with the Galactic Empire, seeking out a Jedi Master to teach you the ways of The Force, or just want to hang out with R2-D2, you'll want to head to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando on any weekend from May 21st through June 13th. Disney is promising another Star Wars extravaganza, featuring a Jedi Academy, trivia challenges, the opportunity to meet your favorite characters and plenty of surprises at this year's celebration.

Plus, to get everyone hyped up, they've released another great batch of amusing print ads to promote the event. Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group has come up with six new advertisements for 2010's Star Wars Weekends. As in year's past, the ads feature classic Star Wars characters in funny situations around the park. The funniest pics in this group include the one shown above of Darth Maul having a rainbow and clouds painted on his face, and Yoda trimming a Mickey Mouse hedge with his lightsaber.

Check out the gallery of all six images below and gas up your Millennium Falcon for a trip to Florida.

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