Spalding Gray had a knack for turning everyday life into art, not as hard-to-decipher poetry or visual expression, but as a free-flowing conversation that would pull you in, word by word, as piles of curiosity, recollection, and neuroses poured forth. A poetic journalist, his life was his material as he unabashedly flowed from happy reminiscences to pain and loss, dalliances with New Age medicine to life with a suicidal mother.

Since he reveled in the comedy of pain, it was easy to forget that it was, still, pain. After three years of struggling with the aftermath of a serious car crash in Ireland, Spalding Gray committed suicide, leaving a legacy of monologues and colorful yet frank recollections of his life. As part of her work to keep his memory alive, Spalding's widow Kathie joined forces withSteven Soderbergh -- who filmed the monologist for Gray's Anatomy -- to create a documentary of his life and thoughts, and the result is And Everything is Going Fine.
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