I'm starting to find the backlash against vampires downright funny. A certain young adult phenomenon incites many studios to jump on the bloodlust bandwagon, and the hordes get antsy. But what about the zombies? We've got crazy zombies, Jane Austen zombies, zombies in a Zombieland, and my personal favorite, wordy Pontypool zombies. While the vamps flash it up on the big screen and make a fuss, the real zombie invasion seems not to be in reality, but in the movie theater. And now it's time to add one more to the pile.

Deadline reported at the end of last week that the zombie tide has moved from classic literature to pop sensations. Double Feature's Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher have optioned Paul is Undead -- Alan Goldsher's novel where The Beatles are zombies. Not The Zombies, the St. Albans rock band whose music covered Bunny Lake is Missing and Dear Wendy with tunes like "She's Not There." We're talking flesh-eating ghouls. Lennon is the source of the problem -- a zombie guitarist who brings McCartney into the fold, before they head off to "create hits and bloody mayhem across the world." In a Suck-y turn of events, Mick Jagger is a zombie hunter out to get them (why couldn't The Zombies kill the zombies Beatles? sigh..). Oh yeah -- and Yoko Ono is an "Eighth Level Ninja Lord."

The film certainly has some ridiculous zombie/music potential, but at some point, the ceiling will be hit. Do you want Beatles zombies? Will your undead quotient be hit before this, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, ever hit the big screen? Or are you waiting for the inevitable follow-ups: Gone with the Zombies, Last of the Zombihicans, Taming of the Zombie, A Modest Zombie Proposal,Helen of Zombies, and The Immaculate Conception of Zombie Jesus?
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