Are Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson making a bid to become America's new favorite onscreen duo? It might be appropriate to say, "move over, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan" but those two moved over a long time ago. The world is free and clear for a new couple to win the hearts of movie-goers everywhere.

That's where Scar-Jo and S-Jack come in. You couldn't get enough of them in Frank Miller's The Spirit, so they're back on the big screen in Iron Man 2, once again with Jackson playing boss and Johansson as his right-hand woman. In both films, they display a remarkably mis-matched dynamic, rarely looking each other in the eye, Jackson as the brainy fast-talker, and Johansson as the stoic eye-candy. I'm not even sure after seeing two films with them onscreen together, that they've ever actually met.

I'm starting a campaign right here and now, to keep this odd couple pairing alive in movie after movie after movie. Johansson's sleep-inducing charms go great with a line-shouter like Jackson. They balance each other out -- some might say cancel each other out, neutralizing whatever charisma they have when they're alone, and meshing them into one unique acting force. Samlett Johacksson, if you will.

We may have to wait until 2012 before Samlett Johacksson hits the screen again, in Joss Whedon's Avengers film. That's way too long for my next fix.
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