There was a time when Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was just going to be called The World of Tomorrow, but I liked the hero's name added to the title. It reminded me of Indiana Jones and hinted that Paramount had a new faux-pulp hero franchise, with which to spin into a half-dozen sequels. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Not only did it not happen, but director Kerry Conran, who worked his butt off perfecting the technology it would take to create an entire film in a green screen box, has all but disappeared since Sky Captain's release in 2004. Is the movie that bad? Not at all. It's a diverting action-adventure yarn that draws on its obvious influences in a big way (Republic serials, pulp sci-fi, George Lucas, Max Fleischer Superman cartoons), and it paved the way for the stylized look of the mostly-digital films to come, like Sin City and The Spirit. Today's poster was a promotional item that perfectly captured the retro-futurism Conran was going for in his debut film.

You can view the poster after the jump.

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