The FCC has announced it will be supporting VOD technology that allows studios to beam their big budget flicks directly to your cable box in a smaller window of time than is currently available. Instead of waiting around for months to see, say, Iron Man 2 in the comfort of your own living room, that time will be considerably shrunk, ostensibly taking money out of the pockets of theater owners.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the FCC says that this move "benefits those who, because of a physical disability, cannot enjoy movies in theaters." That's a flimsy excuse, at best -- it's more likely that it's a way for studios to appeal to movie-goers who want to see the biggest films from the studios but can't afford the rising cost of a night out at the movies, or those with high-tech set-ups who would rather enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own home than deal with the downside of the theater experience. (Of course, there is also a huge argument for actually going to the movies and enjoying them with a crowd, but that's another discussion entirely that Peter Martin wrote about here.)