Look at this thing and tell me there's a God. You can't do it! This aberration is what science has wrought. Damn you, science! Damn you! I wasn't able to find much on the caged abomination featured in the video. I scoured the web, put my Google to good use, but still came up with nothing but a bunch of message board trolls screaming, "Fake!!". Plus, I don't speak Arabic. Not even a little. As I often do when confronted with a language that is alien to me, I just make up the words. I blame it on one thing - Jaegermeister. After a night drinking that devil's brew, smoking some hookah, and/or huffing furniture polish, three friends have awakened to find something horrible has happened to one of them. I know that after similar benders, I've felt like that mewling, hairy thing in the cage. I've long suspected that after enough shots of that medicine, it will get down into your bones and pervert your very DNA.

What is this horrible chimera? Is it an experiment involving genetic tampering? The result of a horrible gypsy curse? An unholy Muppet that the Henson workshop exiled to parts unknown? If any of you have any information on this beast, please post something in the comments. I'm dying to know what the genesis of this thing is. I suspect that it relates to one of the many and varied beasts from Middle Eastern folklore. It reminds me of a manticore, the Greek monster with the head of a man, but the body of a lion. This one may be more roadkill than manticore, however.

**Disclaimer: Yes, I know its fake.

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