It's the summer season, and welcome to it. Grossing $133 million over the three-day weekend -- over $30 million more than its predecessor (and not too far off my $120 million prediction, saving me the usual embarrassment for once) -- Iron Man 2 posted the second-highest May opening of all time, behind only Spider-Man 3. And given Spidey 3's terrible reviews and pitiful staying power, Iron Man 2 may actually threaten that film's $336 million domestic cume. On the other hand, I personally found Iron Man 2 kind of dreary, and doubt it will have the word-of-mouth to stick around more than a few weeks either.

A Nightmare on Elm Street suffered the expected enormous second-weekend drop -- a whopping 72%. As I wrote last week, the sizable opening weekend followed by a rapid deflation is part of the horror remake pattern. The inexpensive film has already done what was required of it. It will end up at just under $60 million, which is plenty to ensure a steady stream of these movies for some time to come. In the meantime, the enormously well-liked How to Train Your Dragon crossed $200 million. The sequel was announced a couple weeks ago.

Down in the 10-spot, Babies, the documentary about Babies, fell victim somewhat to its lack of a concept, though Focus certainly did its best to push the cuteness and Mother's Day angles. Still, $1.5 million isn't bad for a doc.

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